Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal | Pierson's Carpet Cleaning

pet stain removalClean Touch Carpet Cleaning understands that your pets are part of your family. And like children pets have accidents and need us to clean up after them. Pet stain removal can be a difficult process if you don’t understand the chemical makeup of the stain and therefore the best chemical to use for the clean up. Pet urine for example is easy to clean up when it is fresh. But, if the pet urine is left for long periods of time it can permanently change the dye structure of the fabric and can become a permanent stain.

Safe Pet Stain Removal

It is important to try to catch pet urine as soon as possible. If you decide to attempt to move a pet stain on your own, remember to never use over the counter cleaning products. Consult a cleaning professional for proper cleaning products to use on pet stain removal and specific fabric types. The wrong product could make the stain worse or even effect the carpet and or fabric in a negative way by dis colorization or weakening of the fabrics themselves. Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning provides pet stain removal to Central Oregon including La Pine and the surrounding areas. Call us and remove your pet stains safely.

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