Carpet Repair & Pet Odor

Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning can repair your carpet and in most cases leave it looking like the repair was never necessary. We also remove pet odor from carpets. Call us today to schedule your carpet repair or pet odor removal.

Carpet Repair | Pet Odor Removal | Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Repair BendPierson’s Carpet Cleaning understands that accidents do happen and these accidents can result in the need for carpet repair. We also know that as time passes, carpets can become loose at seams or even detach from the walls. Moving furniture around, toys that roll, wheel chairs and even simply walking around can cause carpets to loosen. Carpets become worn and tears can take place. Pets can tear your carpet too leaving it looking like a big mess. Don’t fear, your carpet repair needs can be satisfied when you rely on the experience of Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning. Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning has been providing carpet repair to Central Oregon for several years and has the techniques, knowledge and tools to make your carpet appear like new once again. When you have carpet repair problems call the local team of professionals that can deliver quality all for an affordable price. Call Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning today.

Pet Odor Removal

pet odor removal central oregonWhen you have pets, you love them as if they are part of the family. Pets however don’t always make the best choices and they certainly don’t clean up after themselves. Pet urine can leave behind an odor that is very unpleasant and difficult to get rid of. In addition this odor is a major source of embarrassment when company happens to stop by. Germs are the leading cause of urine odor. These germs are also a hazard to you and your families good hygiene plus a hazard to the health of your family and your pets. Controlling the odor means controlling the germs and getting rid of germs means getting rid of the pet odor. Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning can get rid of your pet odor. Call us today and breathe in a wonderful clean smell from your home tomorrow.

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