Carpet Cleaning

Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning understands that not all carpet cleaning is the same. I remember many times my daughter would claim to have cleaned the dishes, and after closer inspection, I would notice that some dishes were not as clean as others.Professional carpet cleaners offer very similar services but experience and technique makes a huge difference when cleaning carpets and rugs. Another important component of correctly cleaning carpets is the equipment. Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning has the experience you trust and uses state of the art equipment to provide our customers with the best carpet cleaning possible.

The Fundamentals of Carpet Cleaning

When you consider how most things are cleaned, there is a true common denominator in the proper cleaning fundamentals. We all have experienced cleaning things in our home and the process is usually, wash, rinse and dry. The first step in cleaning is the washing process and the very first thing we do is remove the obvious dirt, soil etc.. In carpet cleaning this is also the first step too, we remove the loose and large soil.

The Proper Steps in Carpet Cleaning

soiled carpet cleaning bendDRY SOIL REMOVAL: Wet dirt is a lot harder to remove than dry dirt. For this reason we vacuum all carpets before we begin cleaning. This process can be linked to removing the caked on mud in clothes or scraping the plates before washing. The fundamentals of cleaning once again are very similar. In carpet, a high degree of the soil content is actually in dry particulate soil which can be removed by vacuuming.

SOIL SUSPENSION: When doing laundry, the wash cycle is designed to remove the dirt or soil from the fabrics. Dirt and soil is held in suspension until it can be removed. By preconditioning your carpets we accomplish the same thing. This step aids your carpets to come out much cleaner.

AGITATION: To aid in soil suspension, we agitate the carpets by using a groomer to work in the solution. This is similar to using a little extra ‘elbow grease’ in the cleaning process. Agitation is really beneficial for high traffic areas.

soiled carpet cleaning bendSTEAM CLEANING: Although the term steam cleaning is not quite accurate, we do use extremely hot water to extract the dirt and soil in this step. Steam cleaning would require water at 212 degrees. The use of the word “STEAM” was initiated as a marketing approach to selling this particular method. Steam Cleaning is extremely successful for deep cleaning carpet services.

FIBER SOFTENER: We use fiber softener to minimize the soap residue. This step keeps your carpets soft to the touch. By using fiber softener we are able to lower the P.H. level in your carpet leaving your carpet cleaner for longer. High P.H. levels in your carpet can attract soil and dirt faster.

DRYING: Like most other cleaning tasks, drying is an essential step. We utilize air movers to aid the drying process. This accomplishes the look and feel of luxurious carpets without the cleaning marks left behind.

**Pierson’s Carpet Cleaning moves furniture within reason. With heavy furniture such as pianos, china cabinets, dressers or beds you have the option of having them moved for an additional fee. Thank you

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